A Betrayal Of Butterflies


by David Toft

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ISBN 978-1-61309-998-8   $11.95

549 pages

cover art by: Richard Stroud

What is left of the free world is mobilising for the liberation of fundamentalist-controlled Europe.

Time is running out for Gordon Aldridge if he is to return to England, exact a personal revenge on Ahmadzai, the countryís despotic new ruler, and rid himself of his legacy of butterflies--the frightening secret weapon he cannot always control.

Gordonís adoptive parents and the American government do all they can to dissuade him from his potentially suicidal mission, but his hunger for a bloody revenge has become an obsession.

Then--the one thing that Gordon can never seem to resist--a sexy, beautiful girl is thrown into the equation.

Only one person wants him to succeed in his mission and Gordonís ultimate survival is the last priority on that personís agenda.