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Dorothy Bodoin lives in Royal Oak, Michigan, with her collie, Kinder.  A graduate of Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English, she worked as a secretary in Italy for Chrysler Missile Corporation for two years.  Afterwards she taught secondary English until leaving education to write full-time.  Dorothy is the author of the Foxglove Corners cozy mystery series, six novels of romantic suspense, and one Gothic romance.



Where have all the dogs gone?  When Jennet Ferguson comes to deliver rawhide treats to the Foxglove Corners Animal Shelter, she finds the place ominously silent.  Not only are the rescued dogs missing, so are the two elderly ladies who run the shelter.  So is their neighbor and his dog.

As in real life, the troubles in Foxglove Corners don’t come singly.  Will Jennet and crew find the missing dogs before the state’s spreading outbreak of rabies reaches Foxglove Corners and endangers both dog and human residents?  Will they be able to stop the dognappers from striking again?  Worst of all, why has Jennet’s husband, Deputy Sheriff Crane Ferguson, become so moody and secretive? 

If you’re already a fan of Dorothy Bodoin’s Foxglove Corners series, Where Have All The Dogs Gone? will be a welcome addition.  In this reviewer’s opinion, it’s the best story so far!  If you haven’t yet visited Foxglove Corners, you’re twelve books behind.  It’s time to catch up.  The mystery and suspense Ms. Bodoin creates so expertly, plus her great love of dogs, will keep you reading as fast as you can until the very end.  So settle in with the residents of Foxglove Corners--and your favorite pup--and give yourself a real treat.  -- Donna H. Parker, author of the “Fiddling With Murder” cozies, http://donnaparker.w4aw.org

Where Have All The Dogs Gone? is the latest book in Dorothy Bodoin’s Foxglove Corners series. It is a cozy mystery guaranteed to lure you into a sticky web of intrigue, danger and ghostly occurrences.

The warmth, love and beauty of Foxglove Corners, with its small town atmosphere, Victorian houses and beautiful wooded areas, is once again the setting for this page-turner. You will be transported into Jennet Ferguson’s world with her husband Crane and their four collies. It is a world of loving relationships, scrumptious baked goods and everyday life, all taking place beneath clouds of deception and mysterious goings on. You will find yourself racing to the end to find out who is creating havoc in their small community for - someone is letting the dogs loose from their shelters.

I highly recommend Where Have All The Dogs Gone? Spending time in Foxglove Corners is always a delight and a much-needed respite from our daily life. I look forward to more tales of Jennet and Crane as Bodoin’s books are not to be missed. -- Suzanne Hurley, Author of the Samantha Barclay novels

The Snow Queen's Collie: Whether you’re huddled up in front of your woodstove on a cold snowy day, or lounging on the beach enjoying some hot weather, a Dorothy Bodoin book is a must on your list to read. So grab a hot toddy or some ice cold lemonade and get ready for The Snow Queen’s Collie, Bodoin’s newest addition to her Foxglove Corners’ cozy mystery series. It is always a good day in my house when one of her books is released, as it is a reason to celebrate.

The Snow Queen’s Collie begins with a bang. On a snowy Christmas Eve, high school English teacher Jennet Ferguson discovers a tiny three-month-old white collie puppy with tricolor markings on her head curled up on her doorstep. Where did the pup come from? How did it get there? Immediately we are thrust into the first mystery of the story as Jennet names the little pup Misty and begins the search for the owner.

I highly recommend The Snow Queen’s Collie as a wonderful, enthralling read and look forward to Bodoin’s next installment of the Foxglove Corners. -- By Suzanne Hurley, www/suzannemhurley.com

The Door In The Fog: Just in time for Christmas, Dorothy Bodoin’s new Foxglove Corner mystery, entitled The Door in the Fog, will be published on the first of November. I have already marked this date on my calendar, for any day that begins with a Bodoin book is a special day. It is not only the perfect gift to give yourself but to others, as well, and remember, you are not only giving a book but hours of pleasurable reading – the best gift ever.

The Door in the Fog marks the sixteenth book in Bodoin’s series and once again, readers will be thrust into the life of Jennet Ferguson, her husband Crane and their many friends and neighbors, not to mention their precious collies. After sixteen books, they will have established themselves as friends and the reader will wait from book to book to see how they’re doing and what complications they have in their lives. No doubt about it – Jennet always manages to find herself in the midst of murder, theft, curses and problems, with a touch of the supernatural woven throughout the stories. -- By Suzanne Hurley, www/suzannemhurley.com

The Door In The Fog:  A cornflower blue door appears and promptly disappears on an old, abandoned barn. A wounded collie stumbles into the fog and vanishes. Another dog, fashioned of lightning, flashes in and out of existence. A cursed painting of a girl with collies wreaks havoc in the lives of anyone who owns it. The history of a ghost who haunts the new Inn.

There are enough spooky and irrational happenings in the town of Foxglove Corners to set Jennet Ferguson adrift in a sea of mysteries. And seeing things that weren't there was getting to be a habit with her. When Terra, the leader of the Lakeville Collie Rescue League, disappears along with her collie and all the League's money, Jennet and her friend Annica start sleuthing once again, this time undaunted by a psychic's warning to be careful.  

The Door in the Fog is another delightful novel in the Foxglove Corners mystery series with all the familiar characters and places, and a few new ones thrown in to make things interesting. The twists and turns keep the reader in suspense until all the mysteries are solved and everything that can be explained is, in a satisfying, albeit somewhat mystifying, ending. I really enjoyed reading this novel and I highly recommend it to all cozy mystery lovers.  -- author Evelyn Cullet

Dreams And Bones: A mysterious ghost known as the Lady in the Blue Raincoat, old bones found on the grounds of  the Spirit Lamp Inn, the Lakeview Collie Rescue League’s error that could result in a lawsuit – all of this and more in Dorothy Bodoin’s newest Foxglove Corners mystery. Her seventeenth book in this series is entitled Dreams and Bones and is definitely a must read.

Once again, lucky readers get to spend quality time with Jennet, her husband Crane and their delightful collies in the small community of Foxglove Corners. Bodoin also has created a number of friends and neighbors who never fail to entertain as well as add to her stories. We also find insights into Jennet’s teaching career with several chapters highlighting the day-to-day lives of teachers and the way they are often put in jeopardy as they strive to educate the young people entrusted into their care.

The story begins with the Collie Rescue League’s dilemma. The president, Sue Appleton, accidentally allowed a collie to be adopted when in fact the dog had an owner – an owner who wanted her. Jennet, who is an active member of the League, sets out to solve the mystery of the collie’s ownership and how the dog ended up with the rescue league. Then, Brent Fowler, Jennet’s long-time friend, buys the Spirit Lamp Inn. While doing renovations, bones are discovered which may belong to a girl by the name of Cynthia Lauren who went missing years ago. According to the Inn’s previous owner, Rachel is the ghost who haunts the Inn still looking for her friend. Once again, Jennet is in the middle of a murder mystery and on the hunt for the person who killed Cynthia.

Bodoin’s intricate skill in weaving a series of mysteries is brilliant, for once again I found myself in a race to the end to discover who the killer is and whether Jennet would escape with her life intact.

Bodoin’s Foxglove mysteries have become a huge part of my life and I look forward to the next one.  They are definitely worth reading, and spending time in Foxglove Corners is an adventure you won’t want to miss out on. I heartily recommend this book. -- author Suzanne Hurley

A Ghost of Gunfire: Wintertime is here, snowflakes are swirling and Dorothy Bodoin has just released her eighteenth Foxglove Corners’ book entitled, A Ghost of Gunfire. Life could not get any more perfect as you curl up near the woodstove, hot cocoa in hand, and lose yourself once again in Jennet Ferguson’s world of mystery and intrigue – a scrumptious taste of heaven on earth. ....

I highly recommend this book. Life is Foxglove Corners is never dull and once again you are thrust back into the lives of Jennet and her husband Crane, Leonora, Annica, Brent, Lucy and Camille – all the regulars you come to know and love. A Ghost of Gunfire is one book you won’t want to miss and I’m already looking forward to the next one. -- author Suzanne Hurley


The Silver Sleigh: Dorothy Bodoin’s newest novel, The Silver Sleigh, is the nineteenth book in Bodoin’s Foxglove Corners Mystery Series. I highly recommend this series as definitely one not to be missed. Each book is carefully crafted with intricate skill, as they follow the life of Jennet Greenway who moves from Oakpoint to Foxglove Corners in Michigan after her home was destroyed by a tornado. Readers will be continually captivated by these books and their mixture of Victorian houses and glorious scenery and a cast of characters that only Bodoin could create – real ones - people you could meet every day with their various idiosyncrasies. She eventually meets Crane Ferguson, the love of her life, and after marrying him, changes her name to Jennet Ferguson, as more challenges and mysteries befall her.

In The Silver Sleigh, once again, readers will find themselves back in Jennet’s mysterious world – in her neighborhood, the school where she teaches, the home that she shares with her husband Crane and all of her collies, and in the areas where her many quirky characters live – Brent, Annica and Leonora, to name a few.

... With unwavering steely resolve, Jennet is determined to solve all the mysteries she stumbles across. The suspense that hovers throughout all Bodoin’s books never fails to hook you, draw you in and ensure that everything else in your life will be put on hold until you get to the bottom of what is going on in Foxglove Corners. Another thing I’d like to point out, is that this book is a great beach read. It takes place in the winter and Bodoin’s intricate descriptions of snow falling and cold weather will cool you off and help you weather hot summer temperatures. I eagerly await the installment of number twenty – can’t wait. -- author Suzanne Hurley